Stop The Silent Killer. Let’s Talk About It

Following the recent suicide of actor and comedian Robin Williams, the subject of mental health has once again become the topic on the tongues of people worldwide. It hit me hard that the nature of his passing was suicide. But what got me more were the numerous comments across the interweb labelling him as “selfish” and asking “what did he have to be depressed about?” It sickens me. The ignorance.

Education in the world of mental health, to quote a friend, is sorely needed. And this is what this blog is aimed at doing. Bringing your stories, stories of mental health, your struggles, your battles with depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, to light. The world needs to get to grips with the unspoken world of mental illness.

And it is exactly that. An illness. It is not something you can just “get over” by “thinking positive”. Deep breathing, taking a ‘chill pill’, meditation, yoga. Shit. You think we haven’t tried it? It’s a sickness. A crippling, killing illness. And it needs to be talked about. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s heartbreaking that people feel they have to hide their true feelings. Society needs a wake up call.

And we’re going to give it to them.

Stop The Silent Killer is designed as a platform for you to share your stories. Stories of survival, stories of pain. To tell the world how you felt at your worst, how you got back to your best. To tell us all what it is like to live with a mental illness. If you are struggling, talk to us. If you are in pain and don’t know who to turn to, turn to us. Turn to the readers. Turn to the ones who get it. Help each other. Help yourselves. This should be a place of peace, not hate. A place of love, sharing, help.

We need to stop the silent killer. Mental health should not spend any longer in the shadows. Let’s bring it into the light. Let’s get the word out there. Let’s inform those ignorant bastards of the internet exactly what we have to be depressed about and goddamn it let’s not wait to do it.

To share a story with us, you can leave it in a comment on a post and others can comment on it. Or if you want to share it on a wider scale, share a longer story, share your whole story, send it to me at and I will turn it into a post for everybody to see. I will get your voice out there as best as I can and the people of this blog can help one another. This is all about sharing our feelings and getting help. Even if you simply have information on mental health you wish to put across, send that to me to and I will put it here. Consider me your agony aunt. Talk to me personally if you want, or send me something to put in a post in its own right. I will keep it anonymous if you wish. Privacy and protection is important to me and I wouldn’t do anything to put that at risk. Or if you have a blog and want to guest post, send me the link to your blog with your email and I will advertise your page.

Stop the silent killer. Let’s talk about it.


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